Negative Space

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Negative Space is the space around and inside an image. Negative Space is the boundary or where positive space starts. Sometimes artist use this negative space to highlight important or interesting shapes that negative space can form.

In my cut out above I found negative space when I was cutting out the shape and the actual figure. The space outside and the rest also came along with it. When you took away the negative space and just had the cut out it made it bland but when you added the negative space back in it added to the drawing.

Seeing negative Space helps artists because it helps them see unique shapes that negative space forms. For example in my cut out when I sprayed the negative space from the actual image I got to see different shapes that helped the image come together as one.

Seeing negative space does help enhance the drawing. It helps art pop out . Whether it's creating an illusion or enhancing the focusing point of the picture , negative space serves as tool to highlight detail.