Negative Space

A. Say I told you to draw a circle on a piece of paper and asked you to color the negative space, you'd only color the space around the circle and not the circle itself. That space is the negative space. 

B. I found negative space by seeing everything around the object. It's a matter of where your focusing your eyes. I found the negative space in my cut out by removing all the positive.
In my still life drawings, I drew a contour of the objects and never any inside details, then colored everything outside of that contour.  

C. It helps an artist to see negative space because you'll then realize what is and isn't part of an object. Positive space isn't all a drawing has to offer, there's much more depth, and a big part of that depth is the negative. 

D. Seeing negative space helps enhance everything outside of an object. Personally I prefer to play with negative space over positive. It's taking a different outlook on what our eyes usually focus on first. 

Negative Space