Negative Space

What is negative space?
Negative space is the empty space between objects, like the space between the cup and the handle.

Explain how you found negative space in 1. your cut out? 2. In your stool drawing?
1. I found it in the cut out after ms. Hull explained how it's basically just cutting it out, and flipping it over onto the other side. 2. I found it in my stool drawing by looking in between the objects and basically just looking wherever i saw orange (there was an orange paper hanging behind the display)

Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?
It helps an artist to get a better understanding of regular drawings if you also see in negative space. When you see in negative space you don't only just see the shapes of the objects you see the shapes between the objects, which enhances the drawing and makes the drawing not so one dimensional.

Does seeing in negative space enhance drawings, who or why not?
I think that seeing in negative space does enhance drawings because you notice more things about the drawing. Someone who doesn't see in negative space would just see a stool, whereas someone who does see in negative space would see the empty space between the legs of the stool and the metal loop around them. It just lets you see more than just the object.