Negative space Drawing

Negative Space Reflection/Blog:

1. Photograph your negative space cut outs

2. Photograph your negative space drawings

3. Upload them to your blog

4. Answer the following questions in full sentences.

  1. What is negative space (explain this concept to a fourth grader that has never heard of it)

Negative space is the space around the artwork that is filled in. The image that is shown is negative. Meaning blank. 

  1. Explain how you found negative space in 1. your cut out?, 2. in your still life drawing? 

I found negative space in my cut out, by cutting one piece of construction paper while using the template as a guid to create the tree. Once I had the half of the cut out I had to look at which spaces would best accommodate the full picture. In my still life drawing I had to really look at the space around the objects in order to leave the drawing of the object inside of it. 

  1. Why does it help an artist to see in negative space?

Because you are not looking at only the image itself that you are drawing but it helps you look at everything around.

    D. Does seeing in negative space enhance drawings, why or why not?

Yes. It makes things more vivid because you see the curves and things that negative space makes you look for when you are coloring.