Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality is important for teens to know about because it gives us equal internet access for all users. Most users on the internet is in fact teenagers. All teenagers want all rights on the internet and net neutrality gives us these rights. Teenagers should be happy there is a net neutrality plan to give them access to things like social networking with peers and more. Net Neutrality helps us teens tremendously.

In the world today, teenagers use the internet all the time. I use the internet everyday myself for school work. So does everyone in my school and a lot of others. We all individually need access and rights on the internet to get work done and net neutrality contributes to giving us them fair rights and equality. It makes work easier. There is no discrimination involved in net neutrality. Everyone has the same rights at any time.

ISPs(internet service providers) are planning to give internet users unlimited content. This is just to make more profit for the organization. The more people using the internet, the more ISP make. So for them, it’s about satisfying the customers. If all teenagers can have unlimited content, they will always be on the internet. Even more than now. Again, which would make more money for the ISPs organization. The net neutrality contributes to this by making sure all the users have equal internet rights, so everyone will stay using the internet and internet service providers.