Net Neutrality

Tech net neutrality (1)
Tech net neutrality (1)

Teens should know about Net Neutrality because it teaches them about the internet and what is going on with it. With net neutrality, we are able to have equal access of internet. Not only that, we won’t argue about having faster internet than others. Teens need to know about the equal access and know that their parents are paying the same amount of money. If we don’t have net neutrality, we will have to pay more for faster internet when they will probably trick you into thinking that your internet is faster when it is actually slowing down. Without Net neutrality some web page will be block and that won’t be fair because you will have to pay more to access it. They will make media such as netflix and skype be slow or maybe even blocking it.

Net neutrality is also important to teen because without net neutrality it will affect our education. Teens may be doing their homework and need access to a certain website but can’t get on it unless they pay more. Not everyone is rich so that won’t be fair because some people that are broke won’t be able to afford it when they are trying to get a good education. It also won’t be fair for the person who is paying for your internet. For example your parents. Your parents would have to pay more when they have to worry about their bills and other things that need to be pay off. With net neutrality. we won’t have these problem because everyone will have equal access of the internet and you won’t have to pay more to view a certain webpage.

Teens also need to know that not all internet service provider have net neutrality. That mean that some service provider are charging you for website and faster speed without you knowing. For example Version and Comcast. Not only teens but I believed that parent need to know about this too. Internet service provider like Verizon and Comcast believes that making people pay more for faster internet and website access is better because they are able to control what you can get on. That is unfair and teens should know about these thing so we can prevent these things from happening and maybe checking to make sure they are not doing this to you.