Net Neutrality // Chernowski

First off, what is net neutrality? Net neutrality is the principle that all internet service providers should treat data without legal bias. The term was developed by Columbia media law professor Tim Wu. Net neutrality is seen as an important component of an open internet. Policies which favor this outcome allow users of the internet to communicate and conduct business without barriers including interference from a third party. This is how our internet has been working for several years.

Well if this is how it is working, what is important about it? Recently, the concept of treating Internet content equally has been challenged. This erupted when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a proposal that would provide Internet “fast lanes” for larger companies that can afford to pay a higher fee. This means smaller companies cannot afford equal treatment in terms of speeds where the content reaches the consumer. Currently Congress and the FCC are still debating about it.

Why is this important for teens? Well if Net Neutrality is demolished that means certain content might restricted to some individuals. Teens will be limited to what they see and this can prevent them from seeing the whole picture. Information will even be limited for school and education purposes, limiting the students greatly in their studies. The internet should be a privilege and not a product for companies to sell off.