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Net Neutrality
Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is not a lovely thing. It prevents people from doing reasonable things on the net. Most people think net neutrality is a way of ensuring that the net is not censored. Net neutrality is a way of allowing net providers to filter content that they think is illegal, or slow down things that they think is taking up much space.

Net Neutrality is something that teenagers shouldn't have to adapt towards for future references. It affects what they want to see on the internet and that's a very bad thing. The issue with Net Neutrality is that when we would use our different resources on the internet with limited access to multiple things, a bill would stil passed on to you and I, ever though the amount of information we received was not sufficient enough. This is very important with teenagers and their schoolwork. If they're not able to get certain information due to their ISP's personal decisions, the work that they are trying to complete would end up become a complete bust.

There are several things at play here. Specifically, lots of people appear to be under the impression that Net Neutrality is somehow controlling of the telephone services that all teenagers and adults have access to. Every phone call makes use of the same amount of "bandwidth". If a user wanted the ability to place more calls, they had to pay more money for phone lines. The rules being discussed by the FCC fundamentally amount to the same thing. One example of an essential that teenagers use all the time is Netflix. Netflix consumes HUGE amounts of bandwidth for its streaming services, which takes up a lot of bandwidthIF they are willing to pay for it. Net neutrality isn't something that us teens should be forced to follow with certain service providers. It is ultimately our decision of what we want to see on the internet


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