Net Neutrality And Teens

Net Neutrality is important for teens to know about because they need to be aware of what’s going on in the community. It teaches them why its important.  Without it people wouldn't be able to go on certain sites.  Certain websites you would have to pay cash for. That's ridiculous that people would have to do that. Teenagers should be aware of these type of things.

Net Neutrality gives us the freedom to do what we want without anyone holding us back. Net Neutrality is a rule that all data is treated equally. Without it the Internet would change greatly. Wifi wouldn't be the same, we all know how much teens love wifi its the reason why we go certain places.
You would have to pay more for the Internet which is sad because that is a lot of wasted money that could go towards something of more importance.
The last thing I will say about Net Neutrality is that if we didn't have it our phones and Internet would loud super slow, even slower then now. Imagine trying to watch Netflix on your Internet provider and it takes forever to load. That's what life would be like without Net Neutrality. 
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