Net Neutrality Blog

Net neutrality is treating all data and devices equally, whichever race, devices, sites, or ISPs you tune into. Net neutrality is important for teens to know about. A lot of things happen on the internet that all teens need to be aware about like cyber bullying and digital discrimination. That is one of the reasons why we have firewalls at school and sometimes at home too. Companies such as Verizon and Comcast are ISPs or internet service providers violate these barriers and stream these websites legally without filtering all of it for users. This corrupts the rule of net neutrality and if that happens ISPs can pay extra to block themselves from using the internet.

This is where the FCC/federal communications commissions and President Obama comes in. The FCC’s job is the government overseeing what people do on the internet. President Obama thinks that shouldn't be any barriers between you and your favorite websites so he formed a plan. He ensures that there will be an open internet that can connect us to the world, but protects net neutrality for everyone. The internet has become everyone’s communication and everyday life, so consumers get to decide what they can do.

Now that you are aware about what Net Neutrality is and how it is being impacted. We want teenagers to know that everybody is going online and that they are going to grow up having problems online. They need to be prepared and if not they will won't be able to fix the problems ahead of them. We should be able to influence others by our opinions on what may be going on as well.