Net Neutrality Blog

It is important for teens to understand net neutrality. Before I took this tech class, I didn't know what ISPs or how we received our internet, took it for granted. If we get to know the system a little better this doesn't have to be a big of a problem as it is now. I didn't understand its value, the youth, I think, can change this whole thing. They need to understand what they are encountering everyday, the internet. 
Teenagers are one of the most people who use internet and get online. They are probably in some perspectives affected by the most. They can make the change and the need to understand this whole mess before encountering it as they get older. It has become such a big deal that I think everyone should get involved and voice their opinion. Even if their with or against net neutrality.
People wouldn't be human if they didn't disagree with each other. Net neutrality is just one of the many issues in the world that people have certain views. It's important for teens to be aware of one of the major issues. To understand the outcomes and how this all works so they can make a change. So net neutrality will either be common or banned.