Net Neutrality Blog

Net Neutrality is an important debate that is you need to know about. "Debate? That has nothing to do with me! Why do I have to know about this topic that doesn't even relate to me?"  It has more to deal  with you than you actually realize. For Net Neutrality will change how you use the Internet forever.

Net Neutrality prevents your Internet Service Provider charges you more money to view certain websites. Right now we currently have Net Neutrality. This is how, this is proven. Want to watch a YouTube video? Go right on ahead. You simply go on the website and *BAM* video. This is because we have Net Neutrality. But without Net Neutrality you are no longer able to do this without paying extra. 

This is a BIG deal. Your internet service provider wants to change your internet was forever. They want your money and that's exactly what they are going to get if Net Neutrality gets removed. You might think that this is grown-up buisness that has nothing to do with you but you are wrong. SO WRONG!