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​Why is net neutrality important for teens to know about?

Net neutrality is very important in our society and can take over the rights of anybody who doesn't know what is going on. Especially teens and younger adults. With the amount of time kids today spend on social media and internet connections, we need them to be well aware of stuff going on on the internet. ISP's are trying to control what they go on and what they can and cannot see. They are also trying to take away the speed of internet and basically make you pay more for the same speed you have now. We as a society need to keep our teens and kids aware of these problem to help make a difference and keep them safe while on the internet.

ISP's are trying to control our internet and are restricting what we go on and what we watch. We need our kids to know this so they can know what is right and wrong, because our kids are our future and have voices too. This is also not just affect adult but will also affect them. ISP's might take away the social medias we all love to go on or not allow us access of it. This will hurt for connecting with other and sending messages. 

Also ISP's are trying to higher the cost of speeds given on the internet, while only still giving the same amount of speed as you've always had. If providers start to control the internet they will have no competition and you will no longer have a choice. We would either have no internet or pay way more for the same speed we've always had. These are why we need our teens to know the dangers of net neutrality, and no one can try to manipulate our kids into something that will hurt their internet. Let your kids know what net neutrality is and one day they will have the voices to keep our internet safe.

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