Net Nutrality

Net neutrality is a principle that everyone who uses the internet is treated equal. Net neutrality stops the slowing down of your internet by your ISP and helps stay as fast as everyone else's no matter how much you pay for it. People like Verizon want you to pay extra out of your pocket for your Internet to stay fast. They also have the power to slow down your internet, or tell you what you can or cannot use. That is not fair at all.

With teens not having net neutrality could really mess things up. Teens use the internet more often, and if Net Neutrality is abolished we'd have a hard time functioning in everyday life. For our school, we use internet everyday. Slowing down our internet speed, could slow down our learning process. If our learning process is slowed down, we will be behind the everyday world. 

I think we can all come together and make net neutrality stand out to our ISP. If we push the fact that not only are people like Verizon taking things away from our children, they're taking things away from them too. We need fair treatment of internet in our life. Companies like Verizon should not stop us from having that.  We need net neutrality !