Never Forget

By: Teyonna Little

Lyric, I keep telling you: Life ain’t fair. You keep comparing yourself to those girls and what they have. You think they're happy? No! They’re insecure. Sure they might have been through some things, some struggles. But I’m sure they have never been through what you’ve been through. There is a reason you are not like them. I wasn’t like them either. Let me tell you something. (she points finger to her daughter’s chest) I was suffering. (she point at her own chest, face slightly frowned). Suffering from a brutal and harsh reality. My reality was waking up and being raped, molested and verbally abused for six got damn years. (she yells) I wasn’t loved, I didn’t get new clothes or new iPhones. Shit! I didn’t even get a birthday cake. Yet each morning, I walked out of a house, a so called “home” everyday covering up my pain and my hurt. And you got the nerve to compla… (pause and takes a deep breath; restraining from getting even more angry) For so long, anger consumed me. Depression. Hell yeah. Stress. Most definitely. But I had to hold on. I had to keep praying. I had to keep fighting. I came to a point in my life where I was mad at the world. Always getting into fights. Face down, ass in the air. Cursing in every sentence I said. I had no respect for myself. I was out of control. (she looks at her daughter innocently) Listen sweetheart, I speak from experience,

I come from a place of suicidal ideation, ignorance, carelessness, low self-esteem. You don’t even have a clue. That was me. (says stronger and more firm) That was me. And babygirl, I know you’ve been through some things as well.  But you have to press. You can’t complain about not being like those girls. You weren’t created to fit in, you were created to stand out. Oh, how I wish you could see it as clear as I do. But you will never be like them, you will always be you and no one else but you.

I want you to look into the mirror everyday and see something that you thought was never there. At your lowest, darkest moments, look at your reflection, at your beautiful face and say “I am beautiful. I am loved. I am worthy. I am intelligent. I am respectful. I will forgive, I will respond to B.S. differently. I will learn self-control. I won’t be depressed. I will succeed. I will stand up for what I believe in. I won’t act on impulse. I won’t curse any more. I will no longer let anger take over me. I will be a changed person.” Because God is just that great. He loves me. And my past will not define me or my future. And don’t let your past define you. Look into your  beautiful big brown eyes, Cry if you need to. I’ll cry with you. Look into your eyes baby, do you see that glow, my daughter, do you see it? Let it show. You are amazing in spite of your flaws, in spite of your pain. Who cares if your mother came from a terrible background? I’m here, aren’t I? You’re taking care of, aren’t you? You’re loved. I love you. God loves you. Understand this: there will be many more struggles and obstacles ahead of you. Life is never going to quit throwing darts at it’s target. But you keep on dodging and dipping like you know how. But most of all, you keep your head up and never forget your worth, my baby. Never forget. (pause and a smile with a tear)

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Serenity Baruzzini (Student 2020)
Serenity Baruzzini

It's nice to hear something from an older character's perspective. They're the ones with real wisdom. You made it sound like someone else's voice and not your own (not literally, but in your writing). I appreciate you doing that because I know it can be difficult. Overall what a refreshing monologue!

Sara Frunzi (Student 2020)
Sara Frunzi

I really like your monologue and the message that it sends along with it. By making your character a parent giving their daughter a lecture, it is very relatable. You describe the many struggles that this woman has been through, and the immediate struggle of making sure her daughter knows her self-worth. You also wrote the way that a mom would talk perfectly. Really great job

Bahtyah Ward (Student 2020)
Bahtyah Ward

I LOVE THIS. It lowkey was so motivational and then it sounded like something a caring parent would say. I liked the message you placed here, it goes way beyond the monologue project.