New slide. Similar me.

In tech class I learned so much and my classmates gave a lot of great advice. Through my research i learned the inner workings of modern advertising. I learned how to take a slide and turn it into something more than that. I've also learned how to take criticism better and you kinda need to be able to do that for this project. 
The biggest change that I made to my slide was that i realized that it wasn't all about me and it was about making the best advertisement. I combined this with some knew placing of my pictures and badabing badaboom, my knew slide. 
Research was very very important in this project. If you didn't make good enough research, well, good luck to you. This was a situation where if you didn't do research you had nothing to explain your slide with. And that just makes you look unprepared. 
This project really made me realize how much i need to put into both big and small projects. 

Comments (2)

Monie Duong (Student 2020)
Monie Duong

Your slide shows great contrast between the background and the images but I don't see much balance in the arrangement of the different images. Your reflection clearly shows how much you have learned from your comments and the research you have done.

Kayah Chisholm-McVay (Student 2020)
Kayah Chisholm-McVay

Most would say having a white background is just plain, that you should have some color. I really love how you made it work for your slide. The colors fit nicely, and the images show so much meaning, and I can get a sense of the message you are trying to give off. You did a very good job of explaining the process you kinda went through. In terms of what you knew before and what you know now.