New Tech Slide

After observing the critiques my classmates received during tech class, I decided to reinvent my slide. I started out by knowing that I wanted to keep the same picture as before, but I wanted the colors to be more eyecatching. So I enhanced the contrast of the slide, bringing out the bright colors. I then deleted the background color of the picture, making it white. After reading the Zen Presentation, I learned that colors such as black and white are good combinations for making something stand out, so I left the background white and since I wanted the text to stand out as well, I made it black. I realized that there was a lot of empty space because of the white, so I used a dark green (matches the plants in the picture) to fill it. This then created a good color combination.

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Lauren Thomas (Student 2016)
Lauren Thomas

I notice the whirl-wind of color first and the image of the hand. I offer the idea that you remove the green boarding and have the background be white. You could have the hand bleed off the slide instead of having it cut off midair. What if you make your name and quote larger.