Newtons way of Change

To start off, I want to say that I went to multiple trials and errors in order to come up with my final product. Creating good art that is able to speak and explain to the audience without actually speaking is very difficult, however it is something that I am very good at. 

Just like everyone else, I was given the task to answer one of my 11th grade essential questions which was “What is the role of individuals in creating and sustaining change?”. Below is a brief description of h I came up with the idea of my painting, and what It represents. 

FIrst, I wanted to focus on a person that changed the world. I didn’t want to focus on someone that represented an ordinary American , but someone that was different. Early, in my english class, I researched up one of the greatest scientist of all times named Isaac Newton. I found that he suffered from a lot of different mental illnesses so what better person to chose. Next, I had to think to myself, “How am I going to show his role in creating and sustaining change.?”  and that’s were I got my Idea from. 

I wanted Newton to look different from the other people that were displayed in the painting, I also wanted them to look somewhat lost and show lack of individuality. This is what made me come to the conclusion that I would make the people faceless and make them all have the same body shape. I then wanted my painting to show the Newton is some how letting them know that It is okay to me different and have some type of malfunctions on your way to success. This is what drew me to the conclusion that I wanted to have a path that is interacting with newton and that was also curvy to show that there is no straight path to success. 

In the large picture of Isaac Newton, there is his successes and his inventions on his face , and on the outside written throughout the picture there are his distractions and his disorders. I did this to show that majority of the time, your good out weighs your bad and in Newtons case that is what happened. He was a very successful individual who had problems along the way. 

To go with the idea of the good out weighing the bad, the path is a light bright orange and the background where the faceless people and his flaws are, is this dark royal blue. 

At the top of the paint there is a quote that talks about change and hoe you have to change your thinking in order to change the outside world. Over all, I think this piece is very clear and it answers the essential question in many different ways.