Nicholas LePera Capstone

Stress factors into everything that happens in your day. It can provide the motivation you need to complete an important task, or it can be debilitating and block your goals. Stress is a huge issue in society and the largest issue is the lack of knowledge people have on it, and how it is sociologically stamped out as an unimportant topic. My capstone goal was study stress through a survey response system, and from various medical journals, and other credible sources.  

My initial goal was to drive an exchange of dialogue between myself and takers of my survey, however few were willing to respond. I received a total of 23 responses out of roughly 500. This was disheartening, but I quickly shifted my eyes toward existing studies and built the foundation knowledge to create an infographic. I began by detailing stress and methods to overcome it that people can use to their advantage.

Overall, I found that this setback worked for me in the end. I found that I learned far more with peer-reviewed medical journals and other materials that furthered my existing knowledge of the issue. The product I am left with are a survey, a paper, and an infographic. My capstone gave me an opportunity to dabble in fields of study I will likely encounter in college as a biochemistry major on a pre-professional track towards Physical Therapy.

Capstone Product: