Night Shift

"Closing Time!" Susan shouted.She and I had been the only workers here at the local donut shop today. I've been waiting to leave every since I arrived 9 o' clock this morning and being asked to stay until 11 didn't help much , but hey I could use the extra money. While counting the register profit for the day I couldn't help but notice the man sitting at the corner table. It was normal for the donut shop to have late customers stay until closing, but this customer was different. He's been here since 8 o' clock and has been reading the same Metro News Paper since he arrived. When I went to serve his table earlier we chatted for a few minutes and then he said that he just moved to the area yesterday, so I figured he was waiting for a ride or someone to meet him. So I left the conversation there. He seemed to like our donuts because his constant yelling of my name "Rosa!" was him ordering a different donut every call. "Hey, can you tell the gentleman over there that we have to start closing." Any other time I would be hesitant to kick anyone out of our shop because of business, but after almost a 12 hour shift I was more than glad to escort him out. 

"Excuse me sir we're about to start closing my manager said you have to leave" I said as polite as possible. "Do you think I could stay here about 5 more minutes? My ride is almost here" I guess 5 more minutes couldn't hurt I thought. I couldn't help but say yes. My manager wasn't happy about the decision but she understood. About a minute later another gentleman entered the donut shop. He wore a navy blue peacoat with a suit case in one hand , and a umbrella in the other. He didn't look like he was from here. "Excuse me ma'am do you know where the nearest pharmacy is located?" he asked. Before I could get a word out the man who sat in the corner yelled,"There's a Rite Aid on 5th and Olney, another off Front st, and a CVS about 5 minutes North." "Thankyou" the man said as he left the donut shop. I stared at the man in the corner for a few seconds, if he wasn't from around here how does he know where these places are. I didn't dwell on the issue it was just a thought I had carried. 

About 3 minutes later the man finally left the donut shop leaving his Metro Paper behind, I assume his ride was here. I went to pick up his news paper to throw in the trash, I looked at the date. "January 3, 2011" it said. Now this was weird, he's reading a month old Metro as if it was the newest issue, did he realize that it was old? This thought was stuck in my mind for the rest of the night. " I almost thought we had to force the man out of the place" Susan happily said. We both walked out the donut shop and I waited with Susan while she put the gates down. "Can you help me with this one?" Sue said struggling. I went to help Susan pull the gate down and out of nowhere I felt a chill through travel through my spine. I felt the heavy breathing of someone easy down the back of my neck as I tried to close the gate. Before I could turn around I heard a familiar voice whisper, "Excuse me Rosa..." As I spun around I was looking down the barrow of a gun and behind that gun was no other than the man that sat in the corner.Susan panicked an he forced us back into the donut shop, I suppose to avoid attention from the few people on the street he did this, I see this all the time on "48 Hours of Mystery".He ordered us to the back of the donut shop where he tracked us with the pistol at all times. As the 3 of us were in the back I immediately thought that I wouldn't be leaving this place for a long time.