No Child Left Behind Act


I chose the "No Child Left Behind Act" because it was one of the few acts that was actually familiar to me. I was reading through the lists and nothing was standing out to me until I saw this. I quickly read about it and realized this is what I want to write about. It is an extraordinary bill that involves everyone. Not everyone learns the same, or at the same speed. No child should be penalized for something they cannot control. They should be encouraged and pushed so that each individual in our Nation has the potential to be an important piece to the puzzle. Speaking of puzzle, I was not sure how to present my information. I wanted a way in which it will be easy to understand what I am explaining. I first decided on gathering together puzzle pieces and showing the entire process, but I wanted something more interesting, something that I will be able to show more than a timeline. A PREZI it was, which I might add is extremely informative, colorful and grabs the viewers attention. I have worked with prezis in the past so I was already familiar with the format, which made the project a little bit easier. However, some aspects were not as easy. It was challenging coming up with the correct information. I was not finding false information, but I could not find enough information. I was looking for timelines and could not find any. The timeline format that I have in my presentation, I put together. I spent a lot of time reading and making sure I was understanding the whole process. The law was not thought of out of thin air. It began almost 50 years prior to when President Bush signed it. Besides that, I did not encounter many problems within my project. Since I did not have to overcome that may problems, I would not change my process, nor my final product. I am very pleased with the outcome. If I had to change it, I would probably make a video. It is a little more interactive and consist of more than just a bunch of information being thrown at you. Since this law was just a reauthorized version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, it did not tell much about about the process from becoming a bill to a law. I just found out about how President Bush wanted to express his opinions on the education system. These are the children of the future. They have to be educated and be pushed to overcome any obstacle thrown their way and being able to showcase all of that through my project was not as hard as I thought it would be. I had to take in a lot of information and back track nearly 50 years to the core of the whole idea. I am glad I did, and I learned about the past, present and future of the children in our society.