No One Wants Me

(ding! ding!)

Wait. What? People? Where?

(sniff, sniff)

It’s late. Who could be here? Ooh! Did they come to get me?! Are they here, are they here!? (tail wagging, barks)

Hi! I missed you so much! I want to-

Oh, it’s not them.


It’s been almost two months. They aren’t coming to get me.

I will never go home.

Wait, wait, what is that (sniff, sniff)smell? Is that... Peanut butter!!!

I want it! I want it! I want it!

Why, why does that girl have my peanut butter? I, I don’t know her. Who are those people behind her? Oh, they are here to get one of those little annoying things. Why do people want them? They can’t even, even carry a ball. Or, or a stick. Or play tug-of-war. Oh, tug-of-war is my favorite! (tail wags)

I can do all of those things and I have a tail to chase and, and I am pretty adorable. Why don’t people want me? Those ugly things yip and yap and bark all night and, and they can’t even find their tails!

They are such, such-

(footsteps interrupt his thoughts)

Where are they going? They aren’t going to those little things. Wait. They are coming towards, towards me? No that’s, that’s not possible, no one wants me, but she has peanut butter. Come on girl, just, just give me the spoon and I’ll get it myself just, just, come on!

(girl giggles and gives him some)

Ooooooohhhhhh!!!! Sooo good! Thank you girl! Thank you!

You smell nice. Like sticks and leaves. Like trees. I miss the trees- Wait, what are you doing? No, not there plea- oh, that feels nice. To the left a little, up, oh, you got it!

I like you. Can you take me home? I will be the best doggie you ever had, ever!

I will give you kisses and, and not eat your teddy bears, oh pleeeeeeease!! Take me home!

No, what? Come back, why are you walking away? You forgot me! Come back!

I knew it was too good to be true. I will never get a home. All the other dogs keep saying that I only have one more day anyway. I may as well give up now, no one wants me. She was my last chance and I will never be happy. All I wanted was to have a nice family that wouldn’t pull my tail, or muzzle me, or kick me.

I can’t stay here any more. Free me! Free me! Free me! Free meeeee!

It’s no use. I am going to die in this smelly dump all alone. I just wish that girl would take me home. I guess I will make the corner my friend until tomorrow comes.


Wait,(sniff, sniff) I know that smell. Sticks and leaves. Tree girl! She is coming back! Oh-she got the spot again. Don’t stop. Stay right there, perfect. Wait a second, what’s that? I’ve seen one of those stringy things before, I go for walks with those. Thank you doggie gods!!