Noah Caruso Safe-Self

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For our capstone, Pilar and I wanted to do something that could potentially impact and save people's lives. We decided to do a self defense course directed towards women because the harassment of women is a major issue in society today. Our goal was to make women feel safer in a city environment where they consistently feel violated and in danger. 
The capstone process was a long, arduous one. At first, Pilar and I wanted to teach a self defense class every week after school. When faced with the sad truth that no one would attend, we settled on a website because we wanted our help to reach as far as it possibly could. While Pilar focused on mainly on self-awareness and precautions to take before desperate measures need to be taken, I recorded videos of self-defense I learned throughout my thirteen years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The product is something I’m proud of, but also something I feel could’ve looked better had we started with it from the jump. 
I learned a lot through our capstone about the constant harassment women face. It helped put into perspective why what I was doing mattered when, before the project started, I felt very disconnected. I hope this project helps both women and men alike learn about the effects and dangers harassment brings, and how they can help put a stop to it.

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