Nothing Is Ever Too Small

Growing up in Africa has shaped me and given me a better understanding of essential needs of a child. I was raised in west Africa and went to school there. Schools within Africa and here are different because of the difference in the societies. Society poses a different perspective on how a place should live their lifestyle and that impacted my school environment.

For my capstone I worked with 1st graders to provide them with basic needs. Their basic needs were toys for recess. And as a person who was raised in Africa and went to African school, and who didn’t experience what recess is or have access to toys. It gives me a different understanding of what a child is or needs to succeed at school. This project gave me an opportunity to show what changes I can make to improve society.

Working with the kids has given me the opportunity to indulge in what I missed out on and showed me two different sides of the world almost literally speaking. I have worked with the kids to make them happy. To me, making kids happy at school is not just learning instead I believe that they need to have fun by having time to play with toys and toys can be educational. I don’t believe that only learning subjects at a very young age is the only necessary component of a young child’s educational career. They shouldn’t have to learn just because it’s called “school”. I believe for kids to be successful at school they need to have fun by having time to express themselves and this can include both outdoor and indoor play time. That will refresh their mind and also give them energy at school to do their work when it’s time for that.