NXT Controller By Vichhay Roeung

The NXT Controller is an application made in Xcode, a program made for developing IOS applications. It uses a button-based method that sends X and Y coordinates based on which button is pressed. When the Forward button is pressed, it sends coordinates such as (0,1) to a computer running Matlab. In Matlab, based on the coordinate, Matlab would send a specific function for that coordinate to the NXT robot and the robot will follow those functions. Throughout the whole process, one major concept that kept popping up was research, as these new programs made it so that I had to be familiar with them in order to understand the problems that kept popping up. Which almost at every corner there were many things that I didn’t understand, but later overcame as I further my knowledge of the programs. In the end learning new methods, and even thought the product was not completed to the point I wanted to, it was still a useful and beneficial learning experience that i am proud to present.   

Use the link below to see the concept of my product:


Link to video: