Obesity in Philadelphia Process Paper

This project has had many ups and downs which created a lot of difficulty. Some parts of the project went very smoothly and turned out great. Other parts took a lot of time and we wound up scrapping it anyway. 

One big difficulty that we had, was to find an audience that would be reached by the different things that we made. We started thinking and we believe that the number one audience that we could reach would be the parents of the children. This is because they are the people who are ultimately responsible for the health of their child, and they are the ones to blame if their child is obese. 

Another problem that we ran into was with the website. We originally created a google site. This would have worked well since multiple people can edit it at the same time without creating any issues, but we came to the conclusion that it looked dull and would not grab anyone’s attention like we wanted. We decided to change to a wix.com site. This looks really nice and works very smoothly. The drawback to this however is that only one person can edit the website at a time. This slowed down the production of the website, but in the end made it look better.

Among these issue with the web site we ran into a problem with our “live demonstration” that were planning on doing. We had originally decided to do it as a group, but as time went on, we figured that no one actually had 3 or 4 hours to spend on a week day when we are all already in center city, to stand around and hand out flyers. We all had to be home by a certain time and we couldn’t come to a consensus on a time that could work for everyone. This eventually led to us scrapping the entire idea and just to focus on the website and the other aspects of the project. 

Throughout the entire project, many things have gone wrong and been very difficult. Overall after all that, I think that we created a very good project that we can be proud of. Especially if it is successful and gets to some people.