This is my second blog post for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Here is the link to the first blog post. My first blog post was mainly about what OCD is, and mentioned a few different kinds of compulsions.

I have created a simple survey to see what people knew and how they felt about OCD. I shared this with people I knew, my advisory, and a friend of mine shared it on facebook. I unfortunately only received 15 responses. Here is a link to my responses. This didn’t leave me much to work with. Out of these 15 people, almost all roughly knew what OCD was. 13%, or two people, out of the test takers had OCD.

I will be making an informational video for OCD awareness. This will be posted on social media sites. At first I was going to do a presentation, but I feel that a video would be more useful, as it could be shown to more people.

Things i could have done better was provide a better explanation. I will have to find and use more information on OCD. I have already found a packet that people can look to for reference.

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