On your Own By: Goldie Robins

​I interviewed my sister and two of her friends. They are currently on a gap year program called, Nativ in Israel. They are sharing experiences of where they are currently from where they were in the beginning of the program. They are somewhere they weren't originally suppose to go, so seeing what they are doing and how it is different from the places they lived, like Florida, Philadelphia, and West Chester PA. Enjoy! :)
Kfar Interview Julian Steph and Leah

I honestly thought when this project was give, "oh, this is easy!". I got my interviews done on time. I had everything, and I was not behind once during this process. It was the fact of editing it. This is about a 18-19 minute piece, I am still editing parts out but I just find it hard...and time consuming! I thought getting the interviews were easy and my interview is well done with sound, talking about what boundaries they are crossing and the differences they are going through. I learned a lot about what was happening and what my sister and her friends were doing across the Country. I actually got something out of it by learning that she was sick, yet still having lots of fun! It was a fun interview and I was very happy I could end up getting it done, because I thought it would be just an idea and not actually happen. By having such an amazing interview, it is hard to edit and have a final product. I only want to cut so much, but it is hard because I NEED to!  Nothing has been unexpected to me during this benchmark process and so far I thought it has actually gone pretty well. When reading peer revisions, I do agree with a lot of what they are saying. I know I had to edit things out because of it being to long and I was planning to add music just did not do it yet. I had good positive feedback and that was what I was hoping to get. I just hope I don't decide to cut out the wrong question or information. I liked this project and I thought it was done well. I just wish there was more time to do it. 

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Alisha Clark (Student 2014)
Alisha Clark

I liked this a lot. I also enjoyed your reflection because that sounded like me, "oh, this is easy!". I also had my interviews done, however, after I've edited the interviews, I was a littler below time. That sucked. I learned a lot from your podcast.