Ona Brown Capstone

  In your senior year at Science Leadership Academy you are asked to produce a Capstone. Our senior capstone gives us the responsibility to educate ourselves and the freedom to be in charge of our own education. Using what we know to educate those around us. Our capstone requires us to incorporate all 5 core values; presentation, inquiry, research, reflection and collaboration. These values have been instilled in our performance as students and in our work ethic over the course of years.

One thing that I always appreciated about the SLA community was our freedom to express ourselves in many aspects. One being in the way we dress. The freedom to wear whatever our hearts desired as long as it wasn’t offensive or creating a negative learning environment for other students around us. Image/fashion has always been an important aspect of life to me. I knew I wanted to center my capstone around this idea that the image and perspective we have of ourselves and others shapes our everyday experiences. Image/fashion plays a significant role in our lives, whether it used for racial discrimination, judgement, sexual orientation, class, business, or simply just to express ourselves as human beings.

During this project I was able to reach out to up and coming fashion designers, teachers, students, and family members regarding the purpose of image. After much preparation, time, and research I was able to create a website sharing my findings and ideas about fashion/image. One truth that I found to be evident is that as a society we shouldn’t try to make a purpose for image, we should make image purposeful.

Link to website: https://obrown35.wixsite.com/image

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