One-Perspective Drawing

This project all started from when we first did the boxes in space where we had to draw a horizon line  and a vanishing point. This part was basically to start us thinking about how we was going to draw our room. Doing the boxes was really helpful because it showed us how things above that vanishing point you can not see the top. For things below the vanishing point you can only see the top and not bottom.
Next we drew a miniature room which helped a lot. It was to show us how to make objects such as doors, windows, and furniture look like their coming out the wall. Since we all know that things don't sit on the wall the come out towards you. When I drew my actually picture it was easy to draw because I had a practice run already with the miniature drawing. 
I basically used all the information that we learned before and we put it all together to make our room. When you get help piece by piece it helps you a whole lot because their not giving it to you all at once. It gives you the time to process what you learned. Even though it still can be pretty hard drawing things because it might take somebody longer to process it, but over all it's really good help.
The easiest thing for me to learn how to do was the doors, ceiling, windows, and the floor. It was easy to draw them because we had prior practice with it which helps a lot. The hardest was the furniture. It was hard because we didn't spend to much time on drawing furniture, but with the help of Mrs. Hull it made it come out okay.

Alisha Clark
I think her's was good because she can tell that she put a lot of hard work into her project. She even said that she had an outside source to help make hers better. She give good details. She did good with the whole process of the drawing. You can tell she spent her time to help her drawing come out looking good. She didn't rush through it and you can tell because of all the details she give the picture.
2011-04-05 11.59.02
2011-04-05 11.59.02