One Point Perspective Drawing

A. I learned how to actually draw from 1 point perspective. I learned that you must have a vanishing point which means that means that all my lines on a paper that are not horizontal or linear must go back to the vanishing point.

B. It made everything on my paper look much more professional that it use to look when I did not use these tips Mrs. Hull gave us.

C. If I were to re-do the assignment, I would of done it on a smaller sheet of paper and finished it.

D. One piece of advise I have is LISTEN TO THE TEACHER! She is here for a reason. She has been doing this for years and she knows what to do. 

E. The best resource I had was defiantly Mrs. Hull's post on the Moodle page. It gave us step by step instructions to do our drawing. There was some stuff that was left out, but it was very helpful.