One Shot Man Down

“One Shot Man Down


            This blog is part of a project called You and The World. The point of this project is for us to find a problem or issue in our world (that we are interested in) and blog on it.

           The topic I chose was gangs and gang related violence and what causes or influences it. I’m interested in this topic because it’s something that’s all around us, that happens everyday and we just don’t pay a lot of attention to it. I found in my research that 100% of cities with a population of 250,000 or more report gang violence or activity.

           I’ve discovered through real life experiences and research that not all people in gangs are bad. Some of the leading causes of people joining gangs are because of  the area in which they live, relatives or family run gangs, peers and protection. The causes of the actual violence can be anything from rivalry between two gangs in the same area or “turf, drugs and even the music we listen to today.

            As I did my research I found that 94% of gang members are males. I wonder why It is so many males if males are known for not holding grudges like girls etc.

      In the next blog I will be explaining more statistics and opinions on gang activity in different areas and why.