One Shot Man Down Pt 3

One Shot Man Down

The End


            Hello reader, this will be my concluding blog to this series. In this last blog I will summarize the first 2 blogs (for those who didn’t read) and presenting some new facts. Also in this blog I will  be providing some facts and things about gangs that I should have added before.


Blog two talked more about locations of gangs and how it’s spreading to rural areas. 

            In blog one I talked about the different reasons why people join gangs and what causes the violence. There are a lot of reasons  why people join gangs. Some are for protection, a second family, peers or even family run gangs. Turf is the first word that comes to mind when it comes to gang related violence. Since 2 gangs are in the same area it may cause violence or they just might want to take over each other’s “turf.”


            You may ask how does a rival gang know when another gang is on their turf? Gangs do something they call “tagging.” Tagging is a slang word for making your mark. They do this by spray painting they’re gang sign (a sign knowing its them) Sometimes that’s why you see grafitti in the streets.


            Another thing that may identify gangs are colors. Each major gang has a color they wear to identify themselves. For example Crips wear blue and Bloods wear red. If a crip were to wear red he will be penalized which could even be death.


            In order to join certain crews you must be “jumped in” which means you must fight the whole crew by yourself to prove your tough enough and are willing to take a beating for the crew. Some people have died being jumped into gangs.


            Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for taking the time out of your day. Have a nice day