One Slide About Londyn

Tech-Me Slide-11%2F22%2F17

I made my slide the way I did because it was what felt most natural to me. I started out with just the silhouette and the wording in the top left corner because that was something I knew I definitely wanted to do when the project was introduced to us. I added the paint splatters because I like how abstract paint splatters seem even if they are controlled. I also added paint splatters because it my research, I found that color is very eye catching and my original idea was just black and white with a lot of negative space so, the bright colored paint splotches added contrast. I came up with the idea of a silhouette because I didn’t want there to be too many colors for the audience to focus on. The girl is seen reading while lying down on her stomach and I picked this specific silhouette because this was the most relatable image to me. I love reading and when I am reading I normally find myself in this position. In addition to the silhouette and the paint splatters, there are words in the upper right hand corner that I think sum who I am up in less than twenty words. From the top, the words read as my birthday, my name and a sentence I thought up to describe everything about me. I was born November 3, 2002 and on that day I got my name, Londyn Monét. Over time, I became “the little girl with big dreams and a powerful mind” because I was curious about everything and interested in learning all I could while always pushing myself to go above and beyond even when it wasn’t required. Since I was a child, I’ve had crazy dreams of being trained at every profession under the sun. Now, I know I want to be a self-made billionaire to be able to help others all around the world. Can you say big dreams?

I placed everything the way I did after taking in the advice Ms.Hull gave and after doing more research on how to create an eye-catching slide. The silhouette of the girl bleeds off the slide because it makes the image appear bigger and more appealing to the audience. The paint splatters, as I mentioned before, add contrast to an otherwise black and white slide. The few words on the slide get straight to the point of telling you what the slide is about and supposed to represent; me.