My essay was written to reach and unmasked the lies and show the true colors of the way the United States views Immigrants. Throughout the reading you will uncover things you would've never thought to happen as we dig deeper into the community of immigration.

Kyree Yates
         January 13, 2020
         English 3
         Mr. Block


Our country was founded on the idea of discrimination based on race, social status, and social class. Social norms were highly valued and if someone did not fit those norms they were often mistreated and frowned upon. During the foundation period, rich white men were viewed as superior and they used their superiority to grow the slavery industry. As time progressed, the norms from the 16th century, reformulated into different states of aggression that we more commonly see today. In today’s society, muslim immigrants are becoming the main target of social injustice in the United States. Some Americans have become more patriotic and territorial which led to the exclusion of other cultures in our society. There is a famous saying-“One bad apple spoils the bunch.”- that explains the disconnect between American and Muslim cultures. Muslims started being viewed in a different light, especially after the deadliest terrorist attack in the U.S, 9/11. After 9/11, many muslims felt that they were no longer welcomed and were harshly judged. Americans became more frightened and hate crimes against Muslims increased. Being Muslim in America became a struggle. Imagine not being able to walk into crowded spaces without the constant stares and aberration.Muslims became stereotyped not only by society but by the United States government. 16 years after 9/11/2001, President Donald Trump placed a “Muslim Ban” also known as the Executive Order 13769. The executive order interdicted entry of refugees from seven predominantly muslim countries such as Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syrian, Sudan, and Yemen for 120 day (Syria was banned indefinitely). The order not only evoked fear into Muslims refugees but gave Americans another reason to be frightened by their Muslim neighbors. In the book, Exit West, a Muslim couple is faced with complications and hardship as they try to escape the awful reality that lies in their homeland. It might seem surprising that even in such circumstances Saeed’s and Nadia’s attitudes towards finding a way out were not entirely straightforward. Saeed desperately wanted to leave his city, in a sense he had, but in his imagination he had thought he would leave it only temporarily, never once and for all, and this looming potential departure was altogether different, for he doubted he would come back, and the scattering of his extended family and his circle of friends and acquaintances, forever, struck him as deeply sad, as amounting to the loss of a home, no less, of his home. ( Hamid, 94) Saeed and Nadia’s experiences shows how the “Muslim Ban” affected the lives of thousands innocently trying to create a better life for themselves. Governors came to a consensus that the Muslim Ban was beneficial for America but neglected the innocent lives of Muslim refugees. Refugees felt the burden of America’s fear and had no choice but to try to persevere in inhumane conditions. The Pew Research Center conducted a social test in America for the nine major religions. They used a feeling thermometer as a rating system from 0-100 on safety compared to America for each religion. Cold being the most negative and hot being the most positive. Overall Muslims were rated on the colder side of the thermometer at 48 degrees coming for the average American under. They then decided to take the test one step further and asked people who leaned towards either the democratic or republican parties to rate religions using the feeling thermometer as well. The Democratic party placed Muslims at 50 degrees while the Republican Party placed Muslims at 39 degrees. The partisan gap reaches to other questions that pertain to Muslims and Islam. Republicans as a whole will tend to agree on more of the same ideas in their group and the same for Democrats. During the research they took a survey and Republicans under 30 deemed the Islamic religion to be more likely than others to encourage violence among its believers while Democrats believed Islamics were not Anti-American. The government plays a significant role in the way Americans view Muslims. Throughout history, the government teaches people what to think about certain races, religions, and social statuses. Norms are influenced by superiors. Trepidation holds America in a tight clinch that can only be released if the ideas we are frightened about change. Whether that be from experience, persuasion or a sudden change of heart, Americans need to remove stereotypical boundaries to prevent history from mirroring itself. “ Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” - George Santayana

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