Original research

    In my first blog post I talked about social media and how it can affect what people think about themselves. I also talked about photoshopped pictures and non photoshopped pictures and how people today want to be something else but there not. For my original research I did an interview I interviewed Jenny Mcquaile. She directed and produced the documentary straight/curve redefining body image.  For my research I also watched the documentary.

In the documentary they talked about a lot of things that I mentioned in my last post. The documentary focused on a lot of things like teenagers and body image and there self esteem how it affects them today. It talks about what people are seeing on social media and in magazines and how people remember pictures faster than anything else. How that affects people thought process about how they look. In the documentary they use a diverse number of models to speak and model so people can see that you can look good in anything and it does not matter how much you weigh and how you look.   

I learned a lot from the interview that I did with Jenny Mcquaile. I learned that clothing sites are actually listening and that they pay people to read the comments. In the beginning I was not focused on eating disorders but when I did the interview I learned about eating disorders. Like how people associate that larger people are not healthy when it really is that people need fat to be healthy. Jenny also mentioned in the interview that social media was a cause for this problem but she also said that social media can be used for good. For example she said that social media can be used as a voice and we can know tell people what we want out there on the internet. In my last post I never really said that social media could be used for good but know that I am thinking about this it can be used for good. You can use social media to get your opinion out there and to make sure that people here you.   

The documentary is not focused on one thing it talks about eating disorders, and teens and how self conscious they are. I think the main thing though that they were trying to get across was that beauty can come in all shapes and sizes. To do this they used different models that were different ages and races and they model to show this. The models also got to tell their experiences like what it is like to be a model today. They talked about what the requirements are to be a model today.

I watched a ted talk and it is a lady who runs a non profit which is dedicated to redefining body image and beauty. In the ted talk she talks about her experiences and what she had to deal with growing up. Something that she said that stood out to me was my body is an instrument not an ornament. I think she meant that once we stop looking at ourselves and trying to fix all the things that is wrong we can move on and become something better. I think that this quote helped me expand on the issue more.

After doing all this research I am starting to notice things that are affecting people self esteem and the way they look at themselves. Like on social media or billboards I am also starting to catch myself and notice when I judge myself because of the way I look. I believe that all these things are wrong and if people stop seeing just their body and the way they look then I think people can move on and stop focusing on the way they look. One thing I wish I focused on more is eating disorders. I believe that eating disorder are a major issue with this topic. I wish I looked into this problem more and discussed it more.

For my agent of change I think I might write letters to all the clothing companies that give the image that looking skinny is the right way to look. I believe that the interview I had with Jenny Mcquaile informed me on a lot of things I did not know before. I also believe that it helped me further my research on this topic and expand my thinking.   


Link to interview here