Othello BM Journals, Jenny Cruz


Q4 Othello BM Journals


Journal #1:


Iago:    “Now will I question Cassio of Bianca (Othello exits leaving Iago alone to. Iago begins to start speaking toward the audience.) A huswide that by selling her desires (His tone of voice twist into that od disgust.) buys herself bread and clothes. It is a creature That dotes on Cassio, as ‘tis the strumpets plague To beguile many and beguiled by one. (A smile creeps up on his face.) He, when hears of her, cannot retrain from the excess of laughter. (Collects himself before Cassio walks in) there he come. (Looks away from the audience and toward the direction in which Cassio appears.)




Journal #2:


Character from play: Bianca

Bianca doesn’t really observe anything too drastic in the play. She appears in Act 3 Scenes 4. The only thing that she was a witness to during her appearance was Cassio in possession of Desdemona’s handkerchief. I don’t think Bianca is told anything by another character though seeing Cassio with a handkerchief does bring up a suspicion in Bianca. She believes that Cassio is cheating on her, which is why the handkerchief was placed in his home. It was placed in his home to make others believe he is messing with another women, Desdemona. Bianca isn’t happy about this of course because she has feelings for Cassio and doesn’t want him bedding other women, seeing the handkerchief and her suspecting that Cassio is cheating was the other thing she could think with what evidence she had. Futher more she wasn’t in contact with another other character to be aware of what was really going on.






Journal #3:



Barbantio was a normal boy for his age and high status. He educated himself and did what he had to honor is family. Through out his teenage years he had a serious crush on a woman he later asked to be his bride. Shortly after the wedding his wife became pregnant with a child that made her ill. The women gave birth to a sickly little girl she named Desdemona. Barbantio was a proud father. Shortly after Desdemona’s birth her mother died. Barbantio grieved for his wife. He was a happy father who grew very protective of his daughter as she grew older. He became afraid some rueful man would try to steal his daughter away.  So you see Barbantio was a protective father because he was a single parent trying to raise a beautiful women. It’s his job to be over protective and untrustworthy with men because he’s a worried parent.



Journal #4:



I played the role of Barbantio, Desdemona’s father. Since he’s an older man I will be using more of a crackled voice because of his age and to express some emotion while he’s speaks. The voice gives a feel of how Barbantio is taking Desdemona’s actions. Some hand waving is to be expected and perhaps, pacing to show Barbantio’s uneasiness. Barbandito questions why he’s daughter chose to marry Othello and if it’s all a trick. He also question if Othello’s intentions are pure.  There isn’t much I will use for props just a broken umbrella to sort of use as a cane. My group’s presentation will stand out because of our dedication in trying to act these characters out well. We want to be dramatic. We’ve also talked over playing our characters to the fullest so one can better understand them through the way we act.




Benchmark Post Performance:


Barbantio: “Look to her, Moor, if thou hast eyes to see: he has deceived her father and may thee.”


This quote is important to the play because clearly when Barbantio didn’t exactly get what he had hoped for he reacts badly to others. He straight out says to Othello that his daughter has “deceived” him and for Othello to watch out because she might do the same to him. This adds up to the list in Othello’s head, his list which contains the evidence to have him believing that Desdemona could definitely be unfaithful. Just look, her father cannot trust her.


For the group performance in class it wasn’t quite expected. We were missing a group member and having to have Isabella play the missing person was a little hard to do because we had practiced it a certain way already and having to change made it a bit difficult. I do even though we were missing someone we did a good group getting it done. Something I would have done differently for my part was move around more, I wasn’t able too much because I was sharing a script but then again I could have still moved around more in general. Performing the play changed my understanding of it because you really have to get to know your character to play your part correctly in my opinion. You have to understand why they feel a certain way about things so that you can understand what is the right way to act at a certain time in the play. So with performing I really had to learn about my character more nd just really get to know them so I could play them properly.