Othello Journals by- Arshelle Johnson

Journal #1

Act 2, Scene 1, Page 8


(aside) He takes her by the palm. Ay, well said, whisper! With as little a web as this will I ensnare as great a fly as Cassio. Ay, smile upon her, do, I will gyve thee in thine own courtship. You say true, 'Tis so, indeed.

- Iag0


In this scene Iago is talking to Desdemona and Cassio, they are talking about how the think women should act. They are talking about what they should and should not do. Everyone leave the scene and Iago is left on the stage and is talking to himself. He is talking about how Cassio is falling right into his plan. He is going t frame him of cheating with Desdemona. 

The feeling that I get when reading this soliloquy is that Iago is trying to be quiet also very sneaking. I would use more pauses between his words to show that he is being dramatic. I would also have Iago slurring his words to show that he is trying to be quiet but also to show that he is really excited about casssio falling into his plan. 

Journal #2 

The secondary character that I choose from Othello is Roderigo. I picked him because he played sort of a big role in Iago's plan. Roderigo is in a lot of the earlier scenes of Othello until he is of course killed by Iago. When we first get introduced to Rodergio we learn that he is in love with Desdemona. He feels as though he will make Desdemona an honesty women out of her. He is told by Iago that he will be able to make Desdemona fall in love with him. Roderigo falls right into Iagos plan. “I tell you 'tis not very well. I will make myself known to Desdemona: if she will return me my...” In this quote Iago is talking about his love for Desdemona. Roderigo is soon killed in the Play. But throughout the play Roderigo was always able to confess his love for Desdeoma. 

Journal #3 

Iago Lucas Santano was born on March 12 to Lucas and Iagoana Santano. From the beginning he was a very bulky child. Some may call him pleasantly plump. Growing up his father Lucas was a evil man. He was never satisfied with what he had. He would constantly yell at his children Bill, Mary, Tom and Sue but he was especially hard on his oldest son Iago. Iago's father thought that his son wasn't had enough. Iago enjoyed dancing where as his other brothers wanted to be sword fight and get dirty like " Normal Boys". Iago was bullied by his Dad until he finally Man up and join the army. When he meant his wife Emilia he vowed that when they had children he would never become like his father. Iago and Emilia parented three children Iagoana, Lucas and Emilia. Iago became a great warrior but like he father he still carried hatred in him and always wanted more. That is when the hate started to filter with Othello. He was jealous that a Man like him could become a moor. 

Journal #4

In the scene that we are doing my character is Iago. In the scene he only has a big paragraph at the end. He is talking about his plotting against Othello ( like always).When reading the line I got that he was very anxious. I decided to walk back during the scene to show that he is anxious. The prop that I am going to use is a scarf. When doing the scene I am going to throw the scarf around my neck to show my arrogance.. I think something that make our group stand out is the we have accents.

Journal #5

The scene that I had was 1b and Iago only had one line in the scene. Though it was only one line it was a very long one. “ I hate the Moor: and it is thought abroad, that ‘twixt my sheet he has done my office:....” In this paragraph Iago is talking about how he is going to break up Othello and Desdemona. Like most of his lines. Iago is a man that seems to repeat himself often. He is a very obsessive man. Once he gets an idea in his head it seems as though he can never really get it out. When reading the quote the first thing that came to my mind was that Iago was very urgent in the way he was speaking. 

I feel like my group and I could have done way better. I feel as though we didn’t do as well as planned because we were missing a group member and it through us off a little. I feel like my part could have went better if I was able to connect with the audience a little more. I should have memorized my lines a little more so I could worry more about my hand movements and my facials. I am proud that everyone kept their character.