Our Counterweight to Asian Bias


With 5 of the 7 of us that regard our parents as “strict”, it is true that the boundaries of strict parents aren’t just residing in that of Asian families. It can occur to every race and/or gender, no matter your background. Usually the term of strict parents comes from the parents childhood as well, as they might have considered their own parents as ”strict”. It’s a big cluster of “strict parents”, and you were possibly born into that lineage. But it’s not something that should overtake every family. They should take ease on their children. Hard work is needed, not just good grades. The parents should take into the account the amount of work the child puts forth to attain a B or below.


We pledge to put forth more effort into our work, and show our parents the hard work, opposed to the good grades. Confronting the parents themselves about the topic could be risky, but it’s nice to resolve with the parents. It’s some understanding between them and you.