Overcoming Fear


My goal for this essay was to tell an interesting story using the two memories that I had to write. I am proud of my scenes of memory. I feel like they are very descriptive and they tell an interesting story. One way I would like to improve my writing for my next paper is making my story flow together better.

Advance Essay:

The theme of my scenes is me having mixed emotions about the activities I was about to do. My aunt, brother, and I were on a plane to Orlando, Florida for a little summer vacation. It was the middle of June. The sun was out followed by a million little rain drops. My brother, my aunt, and I just stepped off the shuttle bus to Volcano Bay. The waterpark was temporarily closed due to the rain and lightning. So soon as the park opened back up we went to the first ride we could find. Surprisingly there was no line. We began walking up about 250+ steps and by the time we got up there we were tired but also filled with excitement. We finally got to the top and I saw the sign and realized that this was the tallest ride in the entire waterpark. The ride consisted of twin tubes across from each other at a 70 degree angle. I thought about going back down but that was too many steps to walk up for no reason. So I stepped in the blue tube and my brother stepped in the green tube. The staff worker told me to cross my arms and legs and then look straight ahead. Before I followed her instructions, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Out of nowhere I heard a loud metal sound. My eyes popped open instantly and my brother was nowhere to be found. In my head I was thinking where did he go and I got a little more worried. My heart was beating out of my chest and my eyes were looking all around the tiny tube. Then finally I looked down and realized what had happened. I tried to prepare myself but it was to late. A trap door opened from under me and I shot through the tube at about 30 miles per hour. There was water splashing in my face, water going my nose, and water going in my eyes. In this scene I was excited to get on the water ride but then when I saw how it went I got a little worried.

In the second scene I was also excited because bungee jumping looked fun. I was worried because once I got to the top of the platform it looked way higher than I thought. But I decided to get over it by jumping off the platform. My friends and I were walking through the Poconos until we saw a tree that was not like any of the other ones we’ve passed so we stopped and walked over to the tree to see what was going on. When we got there we were greeted by this lady wearing a blue “STAFF” t-shirt. So we asked “What is this?” as we pointed to the tree. The lady replied “It’s for bungee jumping.” My friends and I all looked at each other and said “What y’all tryna do?” One responded with “Let’s do it!” and the rest of us agreed. So that’s exactly what we did.The lady attached the harness to all of us and we all began to start climbing until we heard someone whisper “I can’t do this.” We tried to convince her to keep going but it didn’t work. So we went without her. We finally made it to the top of the platform and now came the decision of who was going to jump first. To decide who was going to go first, we decided to play rock, paper, scissors. Thankfully I didn’t have to go first but after seeing him go first I volunteered to go second. I eased slowly to the edge, looked down, and then I leapt into the air as if I was doing a cannonball into a pool. About 5 seconds later I was dangling from the bungee cord barely above the ground. In my head I thought to myself that it wasn’t so bad I was actually glad that I did it.

One reason why I chose those memories is because I overcame one of my fears. I used to have a fear of heights and I felt I could conquer it by doing those activities. Since I stepped out of my comfort zone to do those activities I realized that I actually had fun and now I like to do things like riding roller coasters. Another reason I chose those memories is because both of those memories occurred outside of Philadelphia. The water slide scene occurred in Orlando, Florida, while the bungee jumping scene occurred in the Poconos.