1- Page Process Paper English Bm3

As the media component being my part, I took this role very seriously. Media has to attract the eyes of all the viewers. Weather the topic is sad or not. You need to be able to present it where it will attack thee soul and there mind. for this project I decided to take another side approach. Since, my group is doing homelessness in Philadelphia, I decided to write up a flyer and a brochure. This brochure and flyer can be used to spread the word around.


            It was hard at one time when trying to do this because I know doesn’t know how it feels to be homeless, but I do know its something that no one should be able to experience.  I had a few interactions with homeless people. Some were good and some were bad. So I took that into consideration, and put all of my feelings to the side to do this project. It wasn’t hard once I realized how many homeless people I’ve helped. I helped volunteer at churches and my  to feed the homeless around the city of Philadelphia.


            My experience with the homeless was heart filling. These people are just like you and I. They are living on the streets of our city trying to make is somewhere somehow with very little. It’s sad to know that some people just don’t care about the people of their own city. If we where a stronger city that give once and awhile we would be making it. To sit and listen to the stories they tell. They too had once had a live to live. They went to school, had family, and had a job.

 But his or her luck just didn’t last long like everyone else.


            People just like to assume that all of the homeless doesn’t deserve to get help because when it’s offered they do not take it. I wanted this project part of mines is to basically show that there are homeless people that do try to get themselves together. It shows why and how these people become homeless. Since, this world is so involved into money that we forget that our human. Money can be a real take over, and people kill for it.


         My part of the project was to put out all of the facts that would make someone think twice about their first opinion of what homelessness was. I wanted to make it where it was easy to understand and get all of the fast and basic information about the homeless in our city. I made sure to add a lot of photos that came from Philadelphia, and the events around the city. I even created a poem that I placed on the back of the brochure. I hope that it makes more Philadelphians understand.