Paige Wayman Q4 What if?

My point of divergence is about the killing of George Washington during the battle of Princeton, and the thought of us  losing the revolution, and the reminiscing on how that would have conflicted with the future of us as a country.

The future that I envisioned, was that most of the land in the Midwest would most likely be all Britain’s including the thirteen colonies, and Mexico would have taken over Texas because there was no Mexican American war, and the Midwest would have been shared between England, Mexico, and Great Britain, which is located in the UK.  I also said that because of Great Britain’s harsh laws on freedom of speech  when it came to the civil rights movement the rulers of Britain will terminate the proceedings. I also mentioned the Native Americans and how they will just become a part of Britain’s society.

         Overall, I thought this project was a very good learning experience, but overall I think the most difficult part was creating your own history and your own future of something you made up in your mind because there were so many events that occurred in history that could have been an extent to what could have happened but finding them deep within the context was very difficult.

If I had to do this project all over again I would have made an outline on how I was going to go about doing this project, because as I was attempting it,  I got lost within my thoughts and I felt as though I had everything all over the place, and while into my project I would most often lose sight of my topic and get drawn into websites that had eight different stories and reasoning’s on events.      

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