Parents in Kids Education- YATW Blog #2

  Hey everybody! My name is Siawale Vesslee and I attend Science Leadership Academy. This is my second blog post for my english You and the World project. To see my first blog post click here.

    As many of you should know, my topic for this project is how do parents effect their child’s outlook on education. Just to give some background information on my topic, I noticed that a lot of kids in Philadelphia are not motivated to college. When I noticed this, I started to think of reasons why this was problem effected so many kids. After researching, I found that many kids don’t have parents who motivate them to receive education. After finding this out, I choose this topic for this project and I hope by the end, I will be able to influence more kids that education is very important.

   Since my first blog post, I decided to find out some present statistics on my topic. In order to do this, I decided to give a survey to my fellow peers at SLA and my old school, Hardy High Mastery Charter School. After analyzing the results, I was shocked to find that out of 60 kids survey, only 27% have parents that check their homework on a daily basis. I found this very shocking because out of the same 60 kids, 92% of them have parents that motivate them to go to school. I feel that this meant that parents talk to their kids about the importance of education, but they do not actually help their kids in receiving education.This finding just shows that actions speak louder than words.

    After analyzing my survey, I also found that 25% of kids said that if their parents were not around, they would not go to school. This number is lower than what I expected, but it made me a little upset. I felt this way because I feel that parents should be responsible to not only motivate their kids to go to school, but they should make kids see that learning is very fun. If kids realized this, they would be more enthusiastic about going to school. I am aware of the fact that other factors, like environment and teachers, influence kids on whether or not they like learning, but I also know that the most influence comes from the home. I feel that if parents became their child’s personal cheerleader, kids would love coming to school.



    With all my information collected, I feel really kids in Philadelphia, and all over the country can do better. However, they just need the motivation. The best place that motivation can come from is no other place than their home. If parents would just take the time to help their kids, they would realize that their kids would really appreciate. I know that in my life, my parents have to work in order for me to have my daily necessities. However, because I don’t see them that often, I don’t really have a strong relationship with them. Once in a while, they do ask how school is going, but I feel that if they were around more, I would be more confident in going to school.

  Overall, this topic effects not only me, but millions of kids in the US. To help  shrink this project, I will be motivating kids that don’t have the motivation at home. After completing that, I will be posting my final You and the World blog post.  Until that time, I hope you guys will stick around!

   To see my annotated bibliography, click here.

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