Passing Final Project



It seems like when ever there is something, it could be a good thing or a bad thing, there is always a main source. So to completely eliminate something, that main source. For instance, you need to take out bulb so the lamp won't glow. But in my video, I explained that it is almost impossible to end this problem with racism and people not feeling accepted and they feel like they don't have the rights to do things that they have a desire to do. Many people are to scared to attempt to fix this problem.

Here is the video of the poem...
If the video doesn't work, then make yourself useful and read it yourself.​


The Oil of Fire


Life is made in many different forms,

These different forms come from different makers.


You eat the food from the ground,

You drink the water from the seas,

You smell the scent of the flowers,

And you breathe the air of the earth.


The Presidents made the constitution,

The gods made the earth,

The chicken laid the egg,

And seed made the tree.


Everything has a source.

It’s the heart of the body,

Without it we would be dead

It’s the Sun of the Universe,

Without it we would be dead.

It’s the racism of our society,

Without it we would be alive.


It has brought nothing

Except hatred and war,

It is something undesirable,

Nothing we adore.


The main source of it,

Died many years ago,

Not possible to fix,

This situation left us in woe.


We can always attempt to make a change,

Getting a lot of people to agree, is very hard to arrange.

Most likely it is impossible to complete this task,

Everyone is two afraid to help, they will wear the fearful mask.


-Daniel Varnis