Patriot Act: My Opinion

            The Patriot Act as we all know is a way for the United States Government to get a few steps in our lives and future. I believe that the government has too much power over the American Citizens. Letting them to come in and out of our lives without notice shouldn’t be aloud. I feel as though if we are free people, why are we being held down by this law? I understand the need to be on high alert because of 9/11, and all of the following treats that America has gotten since then. I don’t understand how such law got passed so quickly through while usually it takes months to a couple of years. This makes me suspicious.


            The Patriot Act has its pros and cons just everything in this world does. In this case the cons out way the pros in my opinion. The thought of someone wiring into my phone, computer, or TV is a little freaky to me. I don’t think the government needs to see who I talk to wirelessly, where I’m at 24/7, and who are my friends. The citizens don’t the government personal lives so why should they know ours. If there should ever be a time for the government to bug is when the have protected proof. Which means a physical or item of evidence. I also think they should confirm with the person that there “Stalking” so that the person can either tell yes or no that their committing a crime. If the person isn’t guilty they wouldn’t lie or try to hide from it. If they took the time out to be nice then maybe people wouldn’t lie, run, or hide from them.


            In my opinion I think the Patriot Act shouldn’t exist. There are so many other laws that they can create that can protect the privacy and lives of America. It’s like there butting a war with their own Citizens. I believe if they did more research on the foreigners that come over to the states they wouldn’t have to be concerned in who is coming over to attack America. I do want to be protected from harm, but not in this kind of way. Make a law where everyone is protected and trusted with their homes, jobs, lives, education, and money. Make a law where if someone is being considered of committing a crime has some evidence. Don’t just take a random person from the street accuse them and then lock them up for years. It’s not fair to the American people. It’s cheating up out of our freedom that we are suppose to have. Our rights.