Patriot Act Response

I believe that the Patriot Act is something that is beneficial for our world today. It is just a matter of conscience if we think that it invades our privacy. We somewhat have to take into account, which we would like more for our lives: privacy or security.

            Personally, I value the safety and security of my life over the privacy I can have. What people don’t know doesn’t hurt them. If we went our whole lives without knowing what the government could do, then we wouldn’t even know that our privacy was being violated!

            Obviously, that wouldn’t be an issue if we all lived in a world where everyone respected other peoples’ privacy. However, that’s where security comes into play. If we are “invading” the privacy of the citizens, that is a way that the government can ensure the safety of the people, also, ensure the safety of the ones they affect. If one person is considered a criminal, then the government has a right to patrol their actions to certify and monitor their doings to safeguard the country for a potential threat. It’s only right.

            The Patriot Act definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. Many people may disagree with what it does for them and us, but they don’t know that it could be protecting them from dangerous prospects. Safety over privacy should not be something that calls for a lot of consideration and thinking over. It should be instinct that we want to continue to survive and want to make sure we’re as safe as possible.