PCB Info Graphic Reflection Amillatt Jhinton Mmarant

​I feel that our research went well and so did our decision making. We knew what we wanted on the info graph  and we knew how to represent the information. We never argued and we all contributed. Some contributed more than others, but we all did something. Our procrastination wasn't so good. We were distracted at times and that prevented us to get our work done earlier. Also my computer was slow and took forever to put the graphic together. I would add more information and more information about PCB. I feel that we didn't have much about the history on Monsanto. We could have also incorporated more real life photos.

Be Concise

We tried not to use a lot of words. We wanted to use more pictures to describe what was happening. We hoped that people would understand it with a quick glance. 

Be Visual

We had a lot of pictures that told their own story. We do have some sentences, but we just tried to use phrases.  We picked a theme and colors, that we tried to keep consistant through out the graphic.

Be Smarter

I thought that our graphic was clever and well represented. I don't think it is perfect, but it is good. 

Be Transparent

Our graphic was a little not clear at times and if i didn't make it, I might not understand what was going on. 

Be Different

Our graphic has a different theme than others. We used used blue throughout. We tried to have the least amount of words and others had a lot.

Be Accurate

We did tons of research and tried not to use any sources that looked unreliable.

Be Attractive

I feel that it is well organized and the color makes it appealing to the eyes. It might be a bit crowded, but I think it looks fine.

Be Varied

We used a variation of ways to display the data, like we tried to tell a story with the fish and showing a scale with the randrops. 

Be Creative

We used tons of pictures and used different ways to display the data. I thought that we were creative    with the way we approached the assignment.