Pedro: Q3 Art Blog

Quarter three of art this year was definitely a journey. There were ups and downs in and out of art, for me at least. Third quarter being the longest and most stressful made sitting down and taking the time to draw very difficult for us. But at the end of the day, everyone pulled through. This quarter, like the past two began with some art history. We answered a couple questions based on a text that we read and then we moved on to a lesson about abstract art. I created the head of a pharaoh made out of diamonds and triangles. I thought this would be a different and more urban take on abstract art. Next we moved on to advanced coloring. I drew a main character from one of the best selling fighting game franchises to date: Tekken. Once I got the sketch of him down, I decided to not use many colors. I brung out his gloves and his left eye because those are the features that stand out about him the most. The next drawing of the quarter was another self portrait. While I went for a more realistic drawing this time, I tried to focus more on the clothes that was on me. I scratched out features of my face because I wanted people to focus on the picture as a whole. After this we learned about value and the black and white gradient. We were asked to create a drawing of something with round ends so that we can give it a 3D look using value. I chose to draw a ball and I made the light come from the top right corner. The next assignment was about basic shapes. This was the hardest for me because I usually just hop right into a drawing. I decided to TRY and draw a teddy bear by drawing the shaped that made it before hand and then doing the same but adding detail. The final was animal shapes and I decided to draw my first dog, Kayto. He was named after the Green Hornet's sidekick, Kato. He was a beagle puppy. Unfortunately we had to give him away when we moved later that year.