People and their possessions

As a person, feeling like a you own something of your own is really important. To know that you don't have to share is a really great feeling as well. As people go on in the world, many people have a sense of selfishness. That is where Sex Slave Trade ties in, because many people thought/think that they could own people just like them. Having power over others is a great feeling to others also.That is most likely why people did part-take in the Sex Slave Trade. Many feel in control, and don't care to even consider what was wrong from right.

Like many people as myself we don't take time to think things through. Not thinking things through can actually effect someone in a great manner that you don't even intend to and this is exactly what is happening in the Sex Slave Trade. Women were raped, beaten, and killed. The sense of pleasure that the men felt most likely made them invincible. Although it is, is really worth risking someones life? Most of the people didn't even take the time to stumble of this question. The men made the women suffer and they were hurt in indescribable manners. Being raped can really ruin a girls self esteem, emotional state , and make them incapable of trusting others.

Sex Slave Trade is still going on and obviously people haven't learned that it is wrong,but power doesn't dominant why this is still occurring. Since human trafficking and the Sex Slave Trade are ultimately similar, the human trafficking industry is bursting at the seams. People who don't have money and are poor initially have to find money to survive in a form whether it is vulgar or not. This happens to produce money, but it is vulgar. Finally,in my opinion its not about only having money but how you receive it and when your hurting someone for money it obviously isn't well earned which is occurring all of the world causing chaos. Anti-Sex Slave Trade organizations may be helpful, but people's attitudes is the key to high rate of survival.