Personal essay Jamie Murphy :D

Jamie Murphy

Gold Stream


I was in the den talking to my mom about how school was going for my first couple of months in high school. “How do you like school so far? Is it hard? Do you like it?” as she asked me a million questions at once.


“I like the school a lot, everything’s going well except I just hate math.” I complained to my mom


She laughed and asked me, “Why can’t you be like your sister Shawna, and love math?”


“Well sorry I just hate it. I always will. Were two different people we like different things!” I confessed just as Shawna comes in the room. My little sister stomps out with tears in her eyes, while my mom glares at me.


I go up stairs to find her in her room playing. She sees me and tells me, “I don’t like math either now.”


Shawna looks up to me as her big sister. Everything I do is what she does. The decisions I make are always right. Whatever I say she says. Being the older sister makes things a lot more difficult. I need to watch myself with everything I do and say when I’m with her. Even when I’m not with her, I still try and set the best example for her that I can. Shawna loves to try hard in school. It makes her so happy when she finds out she got all of her spelling words right. She does really well in all of her second grade subjects. Which makes me want to try really hard in school and everything else I do.


 “Shawna you know that doesn’t match at all…” When she gets dressed for the day I’d tell her and laugh.

“I don’t care, I like it.” She would say proudly.  Even though she’s only eight years old she still has enough self-confidence for eight, eight year olds.

She inspires me to relax sometimes. Be carefree once in a while and just be a kid. Shawna will do whatever she wants to do without a care in the world. Other people’s opinions don’t bother her. As long as she knows what she’s doing and she’s happy, that’s all that matters. I’m so happy that she’s like that because she is such an energetic person that loves to try new things.


BANG BOOM “AHHHH!” Just as I heard this I jumped up from the porch and looked over the fence in an instant. Seani fell off her bike and cut open her leg. Blood was oozing from every gaping cut. I run down the steps with Band-Aids and cleaning wipes to the sidewalk where she was. Before I could get to her Shawna was already there. She helped her friend up and sat with her on the side of the steps as I cleaned and covered up her cuts. She was crying as loud as an ambulance passing by. “You’ll be okay, don’t worry” Shawna said with comforting words while rubbing her back gently.

  My motherly instincts towards her rubbed off. When she’s with her friends that are younger or babies she’s carful enough to be gentle and caring. While she was and still is growing up I’m always there for her. When we were Even though I’m not always physically there with her I still check on her. I call her on the phone and ask her how’s school and her new friends. We rely in a way where we help each other for things.


In a way Shawna and I are each other’s role models. I set good examples for her and she looks up to me with everything I say and do. Then while I do that, it’s like she makes me want to be the best I can be for her and myself. There is also many times when she picks up from things that I do that are really good for her.  Most of the time they are. I’m getting better at it. Now I know that she’s always watching me even when I don’t think she’s paying attention to me. I will always be there for her to come to. To make your way in this society you need to have people to show you what’s right and wrong. Someone you can rely on when you need them. We are here for each other